Monday, February 13, 2017

I m excited, from as today, the book is already available online in the Books on Demand bookstore.
It s printed beautifully, and feels the way I intended it.

The book is translated in Finnish, named " Kartta minuun".

In the late spring a Flemish version (Een kaart naar mij, translated by Sandrine Lambert) will be coming out in Belgium and some idea s for the English version ( Map & I, Carlien van de Kreeke) are now considered. 

I ll tell you a little bit about the intention of the book:

"Somewhere far away a girl and a green, gentle creature called "MAP"are living in a little house on a hill.  The girl feels a bit lost, and she does 'nt even remember her own name.Map proposes to go out for an adventure, and along the trip, they explore their feelings through different natural environments. Little by little,  the girl's name becomes clear in the form of little surprises."

Each two-page spread represents its own "map" world,which you can dive into , and each illustration deals with a different feeling in the form of a butterfly. The pages are working as map-tools, for Children and adults to explore and communicate about everyday life and feelings, and offers idea s to use in a workshop. The story also invites children to go out on discovery.

For now you ll find the book here:

This bookproject is supported by Taiteen edistämiskeskus, many thanks!!!!!

Some more updates coming soon!


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